Coronavirus Israel Live: More Schools Closed as Government Softens Emergency Laws

Israel has seen a spike in coronavirus cases as schools, businesses, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and other establishments reopen. Schools throughout the country have closed after cases tied to students and staff members continue to climb. 

■ 17,3495 people in Israel have so far tested positive for the coronavirus; 291 people have died. In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, 554 people tested positive; two people have died. In the Gaza Strip, 66 people were diagnosed, 18 of whom recovered, and one person has died. 

– corona-stats

■ Coronavirus tracker: Live stats of cases and deaths


5:00 P.M. Justice Minister amends coronavirus law after public's criticism

Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn announced on Friday a series of amendments to the law that allows the government to declare a state of emergency and order regulations that grant it far-reaching powers due to the coronavirus crisis.

Nissenkorn and Deputy Attorney General, Raz Nazri, made some changes to the law, and it was decided, among other things, that the declaration of a state of emergency would be valid for 30 days, rather than 45 days as in the previous version. In addition, a police officer will not be allowed to enter a person's house without a warrant.