Coronavirus Israel Live: Active Cases Surpass 33,000

Israel and the West Bank are dealing with a renewed outbreak of the coronavirus, leading to proposals and measures intended to curb its spread and mitigate the economic ramifications of the crisis by both Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

61,388 people in Israel have so far tested positive for the coronavirus; 464 people have died. 

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In the West Bank, there are 8,459 active cases; 76 people have died. In the Gaza Strip, 72 people were diagnosed and one person has died. 

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11:28 A.M. Unemployment grows to 21.4 percent 

Since the last update on Thursday, Israel's employment bureau has been notified of 689 people returning to work, while close to three times this number, 1,941, went unemployed.

Since April 19, 2020, and the easing of the coronavirus lockdown, 409,609 people went back to work, while 179,947 new job seekers were registered.

The unemployment rate is at 21.4 percent, up from 21.2 percent on July 21. (Haaretz)

10:34 A.M. Seven die in last day, as active cases continue to rise