Bolton to Netanyahu: Preventing Iran From Obtaining Nukes a Top Priority for U.S.

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons was a very high priority for the United States.

"It’s a question of the highest importance for the U.S. that Iran never get a deliverable nuclear weapons capability," Bolton said, adding: "It’s why we’ve worked with our friends in Europe to convince them of the need to take stronger steps against the Iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs."

Netanyahu said Israel applauds U.S. President Donald Trump’s determination to reimpose sanctions on Iran. "I know that that view is shared by all our Arab neighbors, or practically everyone in this region," Netanyahu noted. 

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"I frankly believe that all countries who care about peace and security in the Middle East should follow America’s lead and ratchet up the pressure on Iran. Because the greater the pressure on Iran, the greater the chance that the regime will roll back its aggression," Netanyahu said.

– Bolton meeting Netanyahu.