Body of Teen Swept Away by Flood Found in Israel’s North

Rescue teams found Friday morning the body of a teenager who was swept by floods a day earlier in Israel's north.  

Omri Abu-janb, 16, from the Druze village of Yarka, is the second fatality swept by floods due to a storm that has been raging throughout the country in the past two days.

On Thursday, a 27-year-old Israeli man was pronounced dead he was swept away near the Hilazon River in the north.

Omri Abu-janbCourtesy of the family.

Majd Sawaid, a resident of Wadi Salama, was reported missing after leaving his home earlier in the day, and was found in critical condition later, before being evacuated to a hospital, where he passed away.  

Abu-janb and another 23-year-old man were riding an ATV in the area of Ein Al-Majnouna when the vehicle overturned.

Abu-jab's friend managed to get out of the stream safely, while the 16-year-old drifted off. His uncle, who lives in the area and wet searching for his nephew, said he had noticed him at the point where the stream passes by the road. He grabbed him by the foot but the flow was too strong and he lost his grip, the uncle said.

Due to the turbulent weather, new precipitation records were set at several locations in Israel's north. The storm is expected to last well into Friday, and will gradually subside on Saturday.