All Eyes on Lieberman as Gantz, Netanyahu Show No Sign of Compromise

With two days left until his mandate to form a government expires, Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz continues his attempt to secure a coalition, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud is claiming that a Gantz-led minority government backed by the country's Arab parties would be a "national attack on the State of Israel."

After their meeting on Sunday, Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman is set to meet with Netanyahu again on Monday. The right-wing bloc spearheaded by Netanyahu's Likud is also scheduled to meet in the Knesset on Monday afternoon.

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Haaretz Weekly Ep. 49Haaretz

Meanwhile, Kahol Lavan said it made significant progress in talks with both Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu and the center-left Labor-Gesher party on Sunday.

On Sunday night, Netanyahu's Likud party held an "emergency" rally in Tel Aviv to protest "a minority government supported by the Arab parties." During the rally, Netanyahu said Joint List lawmakers seek to destroy Israel, adding that if a Gantz-led minority government is formed, "they will celebrate in Tehran, in Ramallah, and in Gaza."

Joint List lawmakers accused Netanyahu of incitement and putting a target on their backs, and Kahol Lavan and its members called the rally self-serving, and urged Netanyahu to agree to the terms of a unity government. 

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Latest updates:

10:25 A.M. Sources: Kahol Lavan won't be able to form a minority government

Kahol Lavan officials determined Saturday night that Benny Gantz will not succeed in forming a minority government with Lieberman and backed by the Joint List by Thursday, when his mandate expires. According to two party sources, if Gantz doesn't reach an agreement with Likud in the coming day, the mandate will return to the president, after which attempts at a unity government will continue.

Another sources said, "Still, after meetings between officials, there really isn't news. If Lieberman won't vote for a minority government, it won't be possible to form one. Apparently, at the moment, he won't support it, but we'll try until the last second."  

9:28 A.M. Tibi: 'Israeli leadrs don't apologize to Arabs'

In an interview with Army Radio, Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi said his party opposes assassinations, such as those against Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu al-Ata last week, and support peace, and  expressing support for the two-state solution.

He added, "I will repeat that there is no harming civilians. Not children, not Israelis, and not Palestinians. There is no symmetry between occupiers and the occupied, but a child is a child."

Referencing the family that was mistakenly killed by the Israeli military in Gaza in Deir al-Balah, he said, "Israeli leaders don't apologize to Arabs, they express sorrow for everyone else…I head a general who said there's no need to apologize. Jewish leaders don't see a need to apologize to Arabs."    

9:17 A.M. Joint List files complaint against picture depicting Odeh as 'enemy of the public'