A Fine for Not Wearing a Mask: These Are Israel’s New Coronavirus Regulations

The Israeli government approved a series of easements, including partially reopening the economy, raising the workforce in the private sector to 30 percent from 15 and partially reopening stores. The new regulation will go into effect as of Sunday until May 3.   

The measures relax the lockdown significantly, raising the active workforce in the private sector to 30 percent from 15 and allowing the high-tech sector to extend its activity, so long as businesses can follow Health Ministry directives.

In light of disgreement on certain regulations ministers demanded that voting to approve the new measures would be done one clause at a time.

All stores that operate in an open space, as opposed to shopping centers or markets, will also be allowed to open. Only two customers are allowed inside at the same time, one per cashier, or four if the store is larger than 100 square meters. 

– corona-stats

Businesses allowed to open are required to use a “purple brand” and adhere to the following regulations:

■ Employers are obligated to ask the employee to his medical condition

■ People working in open spaces will have to use partition