14 Israeli Soldiers Arrested on Suspicion of Attacking Bedouin in South

Fourteen soldiers were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of attacking Bedouin at a gas station in southern Israel. The soldiers belong to Netzah Yehuda, an ultra-Orthodox battalion of the Israel Defense Forces' Kfir Brigade.

The Military Police are investigating the incident, which took place at the gas station in the Dvira intersection.

The soldiers are suspected of assaulting and threatening the men they are accused of attacking, as well as of illegally using weapons. Their detention is expected to be extended on Wednesday. 

The military said that "should it be uncovered that soldiers had violated military orders or the law, the matter will be handled severely."

The incident took place last Wednesday, when the soldiers were on their way back from the funeral of a 14-year-old boy who had been struck by lightning. The soldiers claim that while they were at the gas station, one of the Bedouin men had approached and threatened to stab them. In response, they are suspected to have assaulted the Bedouin.