The mission of the Sulamif  Foundation

is as far reaching as the Jewish faith.

The mission of the Sulamif Foundation

With the creation of the Sulamif Foundation a new breed of charitable organizations was born. Unencumbered by red tape and costly delays, the Foundation was designed with one intent: to help members of the Jewish community and to help them when they need it. Some situations require immediate action and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide needed relief in a speedy and efficient manner.
A non-profit organization, the Foundation believes in the future – a future built based on the hopes and dreams of today’s youth. Recognizing the economic hardships that prevent our youth from realizing their dreams, we pledge to provide the type of opportunities that will make the early years of the millennium building blocks for success.

” In today’s world there is a real need for courageous and credible not-for-profit organizations. The Sulamif  Foundation has proven itself to be one of these rare sensitive and productve charities that reach out to help educate and asisst the community.”
Phil Blazer, President
Jewish Life

We recognize the appreciation of one’s culture and heritage builds character and promotes success. The Sulamif Foundation itself is a manifestation of the ideals of brotherhood and charity cherished by those of Jewish faith for thousands of years. Today we walk the path of those who have struggled to strengthen and support the Jewish faith throughout the ages.
Our headquarters are located in the beautiful Sacramento valley in California, half way between bustling San Francisco and relaxing Lake Tahoe. But much like the Jewish faith, the Foundation knows no borders or boundaries. Anyone of Jewish heritage is eligible and encouraged to contact the foundation with requests for financial assistance regardless of citizenship or country of origin. Likewise, we invite all to visit us in Sacramento and to join us in supporting the Jewish community.